Local Locksmiths in Cheltenham

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Broadway Lock picking WR12

Willersey Hill, Broadway WR12 7LF
07007 024 367

Cheltenham Lock picking GL54

Naunton, Cheltenham GL54 3AD
07007 005 601

Pershore Lock smiths WR10

Main Road, Cropthorne, Pershore, Worcestershire WR10 3NE
07007 024 343

Cheltenham Locksmiths GL54

The Square, Guiting Power, Cheltenham GL54 1AB
07007 005 496

24 7 Security

Peartree Cottage, Lansdown, Bourton-on-the-Water, Cheltenham GL54 2AR
0800 158 8247

Cheltenham Lock smith GL54

Sherbourne Street, Bourton-on-the-water, Cheltenham GL54 2BY
07007 005 497

Cheltenham Lock smiths GL54

Cold Aston, Cheltenham GL54 3BN
07007 005 498

Evesham Lock smiths WR11

Cowl Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4PL
07007 024 354

JG Electrical and Maintenance

Gloucester Rd, Cirencester GL7 2JY
01285 640 215

Moreton-In-Marsh Change locks GL56

Longborough, Moreton-In-Marsh GL56 0QU
07007 005 627

Broadway Locksmith WR12

The Green, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7AA
07007 024 362

Broadway Locksmiths WR12

High St, Broadway WR12 7DT
07007 024 363

Moreton-In-Marsh Lock pick GL56

Ganborough, Longborough, Moreton-In-Marsh GL56 0QZ
07007 005 628

Broadway Lock smiths WR12

Main Street, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7PJ
07007 024 365

Evesham Lock picking WR11

Oat Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4PJ
07007 024 356

Evesham Lock smith WR11

Port Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 3LF
07007 024 353

Locksmiths close to Cheltenham

Cheltenham Locksmiths

  • Repairing damage caused to exterior doors during break in
  • Bathroom door lock replacement
  • Installing window locks on sash windows
  • Helping with keys locked in houses by picking locks to gain entry
  • Repairing jammed lever mortice locks
  • Key cutting services
  • Replacing exterior door locks for family moving house
  • Supplying and installing cash safes
  • Repairing faulty electronic access systems
  • Fitting door chains and dead locks for additional security

Different Types Of Locks

A number of different lock types are available on the market with a number being more suited to commercial premises and others being practical for domestic properties. Whichever locks you choose for your new doors, from British Standards compliant 5 lever mortice roller bolt sash locks and mortice deadlocks to oval profile turn cylinder locks and Yale locks. Other locks that you may choose to use are padlocks which can be used to secure gates with a chain, heavy duty bike locks, or non key operated locks which are swipe card operated or use keypad access systems.

Fitting and Replacing Locks

If you require new door or window locks or existing window or door locks need to be replaced, local locksmith companies can provide advice and lock fitting services to meet your needs. From preventing access to using stolen or lost sets of keys to changing the locks at your newly purchased house or rental property to prevent access to your property by previous key holders, ensuring your home is secure should always be a priority. Problems with electronic and digital locks can be rectified, usually by reprogramming the control panel, however if parts of the lock mechanism are damaged, replacement keypads or components may be required.

Problems Solved By Locksmiths

When you have an emergency such as a vehicle lock out or lock yourself out of your home with your keys in the house, locksmiths can attend your property or the location of your car or work van and recover your keys. Problems caused by keys broken in locks can be solved by retrieving the damaged key, however if there are no spare keys to open the lock, replacement locks can be fitted or duplicate keys can be made to fit the lock. Damage caused during break ins or attempted burglary can be repaired by locksmiths to ensure properties are secured, lock mechanisms are unaffected and windows and doors are safe.