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BusinessFind is the go-to place on the web whenever you need to find a local business or company to provide the services you require. We provide a comprehensive guide to different industries in your area so you can find the right business for you, as well as enabling you to submit enquiry forms requesting a phone call or SMS message response from companies registered with us to make finding a local business hassle free.

When you submit your enquiry form, the details of your request are only forwarded on to reputable local businesses we work with to enable you to receive a fast and efficient response and a prompt solution. We will never sell your details on to third parties so you can be sure your personal information is safe.

So for a fast, friendly service that's easy to use, fill in an enquiry form with your details and a reliable local company will be in touch to meet your needs.

Searching for a UK Business

If you've just moved house to a new area, you likely won't know what local businesses are available to supply the services and products you need. That's where BusinessFind comes in. Our website provides a comprehensive guide to the local companies in your area so you can track down industry experts, suppliers, manufacturers and shops selling items you want to purchase or offering the expertise and services you require. By submitting your details via our easy to use enquiry forms, you are able to take advantage of the simple service that forwards your information to the companies and businesses so they contact you and are able to provide the solution to your requirements.

Finding Experts in the UK

If you're a customer searching for the services of a local company in an industry that you've not needed to find a local firm in before, then you probably won't have the contact details of a reputable firm that you can call on from experience in the past. That's where BusinessFind can help. We have the UK's most comprehensive guide to businesses on the internet and our website is easy to use, broken down into different locations across the UK, from major cities to smaller locations. This enables you to find the best local companies in your area who are experts in their industries so that when you need a specialist to provide a fast, friendly service, you can get in touch with them at the click of a button.

All you need to do in order to get the benefit as a user of our website is submit your details on the contact form. We then do the hard part of sending your details to local industry specialists who have signed up to our service so they know you need their assistance and they will contact you to provide the prompt response, advice and quotes you require, or to answer any questions you may have about the services they provide.


One of the key industries in the UK that has high levels of competition and where many companies, businesses and individuals are well aware of the high importance of advertising their business and having a visible presence in the marketplace is for tradespeople.

Tradesmen across the UK and businesses that assist customers who are making home improvements to their properties are always in competition with other local companies to win jobs and contracts for renovation, emergency call outs, modernisation and building work, so making sure that your company is easy for local residents in your area to find is essential in order for your business to grow and outdo the competition.

Whether you're a tradesperson who provides services to commercial customers or assist residential customers and homeowners with problems and planned work on their home, ensuring your business receives sufficient promotion is equally important so that potential new customers can be made aware of the services you offer and you can meet the requirements of people who could benefit from your industry knowledge, experience and expertise.

You can benefit from enquiries that are forwarded directly to your mobile phone from customers asking for either a phone call or text message answering the needs of local people in your area who want to be helped by your business. It couldn't be easier to join the online revolution and become part of our comprehensive directory of local businesses so your company can reap the rewards of higher customer numbers, potential repeat customers and recommendations to their friends and families spreading the word about your company name and the services you provide.

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