Local Chimney Sweeping Services in Cheltenham

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Chimney Sweeping Services close to Cheltenham

Chimney Sweeping Services in Cheltenham

  • Replacing pre-fabricated chimneys
  • Fitting new dampers
  • Range cooker installation
  • Preventing chimney fires by sweeping
  • Sweeping chimneys in Cheltenham using modern vacuum methods
  • NACS certificate presentatation for insurance
  • Sweeping thatched property chimneys
  • Square based bishop chimney pot replacements
  • Smoke integrity tests in Cheltenham
  • Examining smoking fireplaces in Cheltenham

CCTV Chimney Surveying

Completion of chimney inspections using CCTV surveying equipment can be conducted by experienced Cheltenham chimney sweeps through insertion of cameras into the chimney cavity. The images recorded by the camera can be viewed in real time on a separate monitor so obstructions or blockages that need to be removed to prevent fire risk or stop smoke escaping can be removed. If surveys are being carried out for insurance purposes, DVD recordings can be provided, and should structural problems exist, remedial chimney building work can then be carried out.

Issues That May Be Experienced With Chimneys

From chimneys at industrial or commercial premises to domestic chimney stacks, problems can occur with all types of chimneys requiring the hiring of chimney sweeping firms in Cheltenham. If your the walls of your chimney breast get hot, acid damage to mortar could have occurred from tar build up leaving your chimney structure in poor condition, whilst obstructions from tar and creosote build up can be a fire risk. One of the most dangerous chimney problems is a blockage, whether your blockage is caused by a bird nest, twigs dropped down the chimney or from soot build up, which can stop gases escaping and be a carbon monoxide risk.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that build up of tar and creosote created when fuel is burnt in the grate can be removed. Otherwise problems such as chimney fires and soot falls can occur, with breeze making a mess of carpets and furniture inside rooms with an open fire or inglenook. Cheltenham chimney sweeping at both commercial and domestic premises is done using bristle brushes made from polypropylene or PVC on flexible rods or with industrial strength vacuum cleaners with fine filters.